LED Billboards
Electronic Media imports LED Displays direct from international manufacturers and install on the request of the client. These systems are typically used for Outdoor Advertising and large video walls that operates 24/7/365.

LED Electronic Display Overview

A LED Display System is a multi-media hi-tech product that blended optical, electronic and acoustic signal processing technologies and includes the following devices:

1. Display Screen
2. Control computer and communication system
3. Computer peripherals
4. Video peripherals
5. System Software

The system can display TV, VCR, DVD, show dynamic images and it also graphs and animations. The control computer can act as a workstation on a network and display real-time data on the LED display. The system feature various methods for displaying images in a sequence at pre-determined lengths.

The display is waterproof, have sun-screen protection, antistatic, damp proof, anti-freeze and have various other features.

Technical Data...
Board Construction

1. Cabinet: 960mm x 960mm
2. Display Brightness: 6500CD/M2
3. Drive Mode: 1/4 scan
4. View Angle: Horizontal 110 degrees,
Vertical 45 degrees
5. View Distance: 10-100m
6. Grey Scale: 62536 grades
7. Display Colors: 250M
8. Frame Rate: 60Hz
9. Refresh Rate
10. Control Mode: Syncronized with computer Monitor
11. Data Transmission: Parallel RS422 mode
12. Screen Lifespan: >100,000 hours
13. Blind Spot Rate: <0.0001
14. AC 110V/220V (50-60Hz)
15. Screen Power Consuption: Ave 300w/m2,
Max 900w/m2
16. System Working Temperature: -40C - +60C
17. Operating System: Windows (98, 2000, XP)

Indoor & Outdoor Scrolling Message Signs

e send the scrolling electric signage with LED sign ready to use. All you need to do is turn on and start advertising. Cheap, power efficient and maintenance free advertising idea.


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